In 2030, we no longer carry cash or plastic cards. After the COVID-19, we believe contactless payment, especially mobile phone payment, will grow rapidly. In coming years, people will carry only the phones and we will carry them at all times.

Professor Yuval Noah Harari, one of the greatest philosophers and historians of the 21st century pointed out the importance of the combination of the biological knowledge, computing power and data expressed as B*C*D=AHH (Ability to hack humans) at Davos 2020.

Estonia is more advanced than any ‘developed countries’ in terms of e-Government with X Road data exchange platform.

GVE was founded to develop and service an advanced digital platform based on the belief that (1) private data should be controlled by each individual (democratisation of data) and that (2) the highest security should start with digitalisation of the fiat currency platform. We have designed a unique DX platform which could be used as CBDC platform as well as tele-monitoring, tele-consultation which would be help doctors to optimise for their remote diagnoses.