Professor Yuval Noah Harari, as the globalist, pointed out that unless non American and non Chinese companies allocate serious resources, a sub-optimal future is guaranteed as almost all significant AI companies are currently either Americans or Chinese.

Professor Harari also implies that the most important area would be B*C*D, the combination of (1) biological knowledge, (2) computing power, (3) data which could be the key for the human evolution in 21st century.

GVE is responding to Professor Harari’s insight among feelings of many countries. GVE wants to be an alternative, especially for developing countries, solution provider to the American tech giants and to the mighty Chinese consortium. We believe our platform is mostly needed by developing countries as there is substantial population which are not connected to the main stream finance in these countries. Our DX platform is unique in the sense that it is based on the CBDC platform which requires the highest security and the lowest cost operation.

GVE has a unique combination of economist/banker and financial tech guru, with successful track records.

In the long-run, GVE plans to support artificial intelligence focused companies, some of which desperately needed to have a platform which satisfy the highest ethical private data protection policy. The default setting of the GVE’s platform gives the control of the large volume of personal data to the individual customers themselves, not GVE, nor tech giants. This could be a big incentive for private individuals to use health application for their personal use in normal times while these individuals may be happy to give a particular set of data useful to the research institutes and university labs to develop AI application against COVID-19. Some of those reputable AI focused teams are criticized due to the lack of a strong private data protection function module. We should be able to help them to advance their research.

Time is money. NATO. No action, talk only. A phrase when we hear from friendly non Japanese ministers or governors. GVE, as a Japanese company, is challenging this perceived view by those international community. In terms of decisiveness, we want to keep up with the Bay area tech companies or Chinese organisations to save time for all stakeholders. We want to adopt such a golden time management style while we want to take advantage of the under-utilized Japanese technologies.

Step by Step Approach. GVE is young. We recognize we are still at the Base Camp. Thus, we need to focus. Currently we want to allocate our limited resources only to (1)develop, connect and service Central Bank Digital Currency platform, and to (2)design and develop the foreign currency reserve union by expanding Lord John Maynard Keynes concept of the combination of ‘Bancor’, a world central bank, the international clearing union, which could be done with the current information technologies. As a seven year mid-term plan, GVE is hoping to develop the CBDC platform to become a DX platform, with various alliances, to offer and service comprehensive e-Government services, including e-voting.

Environment conscious. Most companies claim that they are environmental friendly. However, their annual reports show they are not. For example, banks and credit card companies energy consumption is huge. We, as a global citizen, want to behave ethically. For us as a tech company, we should find the overall design to minimise the energy consumption. We use the physics and the engineering to reduce the carbon emission 1/100 of what current systems offer.

Telework, Flexible Working Time and Discipline. GVE has adopted the total compensation, result oriented discipline from the inception. Working at home proposed by countries all over the world under COVID-19 has changed only slightest in the way we operate. GVE does not set minimum work time or office time. We as a company requires more self-discipline compared with working for another company. We limit the number of employees and have a list of trusted partners for outsourcing. By having a number of trustworthy partner companies, we can ensure the quality of life to our employees. Our goal is to improve the work environment as well as increase the productivity of each employee every year.

Minimizing-fixed-cost culture. In order for a young venture company to grow fast, we need to be careful not to have large fixed cost or expand our fixed cost base. We have adopted the ‘equity culture’ in the sense that employees would benefit from the increase of GVE’s market value rather than salaries or fringe benefits. Our financial statements would show how little our fixed costs.

ESG Conscious. GVE emphasises environment and social responsibility. As a tech company, the most effective way to make impact for environment is the total usage of energy consumption. Our platform has the capacity to give over 10 billion people and corporates accounts and process and to process 2 trillion transactions (assuming cash to digital ratio on 2021 estimate by Capgemini is 56/44) consumes as little as 30 air conditioners. GVE wants to fulfil its social responsibility by focusing developing countries with population with no bank accounts. By offering the system with the financial inclusion for the bottom segment, respective governments can save a lot of money which can be reallocated to other segments like health care of that country. In terms of governance, we are still at an early stage as a private company with monotone culture, i.e., male Japanese only. We are seeking advices and people with both gender diversity and with nationality diversity. We believe diversity will make a difference for the governance mentality.

Sustainable Development Goals. GVE ‘s goal is to score high marks at 11 out of 17 SDGs. It is still an early stage for employees to share common ground which SDGs we should focus and how GVE could claim as the model global company.

We are also one of the first companies adopt ISO/IEC 24643, the new international standard for 24/365 online systems. By compliant to this standard, the world can eliminate silo mentality and customers will be freed from the vendor lock-in.