Vaccine Passports & EHR

As more and more people have been vaccinated, a forward looking governments have commissioned a number of companies to develop digital vaccine passports. In a number of countries, a vaccine passport application has been launched.

However, these vaccine passports have limited success. The UK Royal Society pointed out that inter-operability among each country’s different vaccine passport systems is essential in their 19th February 2021 announcement.

The 12 Challenges for Vaccine Passports white paper pointed out the need for the international standardization. Ecma-International, an international standard setting organization for IT industries published a call for participation to create a standard as quickly as possible.

GVE’s digital platform is able to solve all 12 challenges spelled out by the Royal Society. As such GVE is actively helping Ecma-International to set an international standard.

Once a vaccine passport system, which has no compromise of the private data protection, and give authenticated vaccination certification to the immigration terminals safely and swiftly, the control of the international traveling would be much easier for the public health authorities, the immigration authorities, airlines, travelers. This is the key for the recovery of the global economy for the next few years.

GVE’s vaccine passport platform aims to have comprehensive list of certification with authentication mechanism to 8 billion people around the world. We are likely to be one of the pioneers to help the world by servicing to various stakeholders who need vaccine passports and recover the economy without compromising public health.

The ultimate vaccination certification system will allow the vaccine passport holder to access all the historical vaccination record of her/him wherever each vaccination has taken place in the world. Our health, our future. This is the vision of GVE in 2021!