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    Team members’ track record and history

    • Has designed, developed the real-time, instant payment sytem since 1997.
    • Assumed as a director of DLJdirect SFG, Japan’s second largest online broker, and developed the online stock broking industry until the company was sold to Rakuten.
    • Contributed the development of the rapid forex market of Japan as then the largest retail market as the majority investor and director, of the system development company to forex broker clients (between 2006 and 2009).
    • Developing EXC platform since 2017.

    Our Business

    CBDC Payment System

    The EXC platform has been developed to be instant payment system for any fiat currency.

    The platform is consistent to the theorem in IMF’s Staff Discussion Notes published on 14th November 2017
    Casting Light on Central Bank Digital Currency‘.

    Foreign Exchange Reserve Union

    Due to the recent US policy, there is growing dissatisfaction with the “dollar standard” in other countries.

    In developing countries, where remittances from overseas workers to their home countries account for a large percentage of GDP, the high exchange and overseas remittance fees are a problem.

    We are developing a platform to speculate on what kind of fair foreign exchange reserve union we would have created if IT had been advanced in Lord Keynes’ time.

    Patent Strategy

    Thirteen claims with three major themes established in Japan.

    To check our patents, go to Japan’s patent office website at Visit J-Platpat.
    Fill “2018-504962” or “2018-558789” at the Patent application number and Search.



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